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How to get PUK Code of JIO Sim? New JIO PUK Code 2023?uniquemytrip.com

How to get PUK Code of JIO Sim –  Learn how to unlock JIO SIM PUK code on JIO phone in simple way. If you are a normal JIO phone user, You may have experience your JIO phone locked by many reason. If any security issue rise there, your JIO phone will get block. To unblock, you need 10 digit PUK code. Here in this post, I am going to show you how to unlock JIO sim PUK code is step by step processing.

If your JIO SIM card is locked, you need to unlock it with a PUK code which is a unique 10 digit number provide by the service provider. JIO phone may block in many case. If there are security issue detected, your JIO phone will get blocked.

Suppose if your mobile has been stolen, then you can unblock your JIO phone remote access with JIO online self help portal. So that when personal having phone need to enter correct PUK code of JIO SIM to unlock and use it again.

How to get PUK Code of JIO Sim

JIO PUK Code Details

What Is JIO PUK Code?

JIO PUK Code or Personal Unlock Key must be stated as a safety measure provide by JIO to prohibit unauthorized access to your SIM card. You must either get this code online or you must apply some offline step to get this.

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What Is The Use Of JIO PUK Code 2023?

Usually, the SIM card of JIO come with a 4-8 digit code print on them. This code must be used to lock/unlock your SIM card. However, while unlock your SIM card, if you entering the wrong code more than 3 time then you can require the JIO SIM PUK code.

So, this is where you must need your JIO no PUK Code. Apart from this, if your JIO SIM is lost or your want to lock it permanent then you may need this code.

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What Is The Default JIO Number PUK Code?

By default, the JIO PUK code for almost all user is quite the same. The default JIO SIM PUK code for almost all user is either 1234 or 0000. Beside this, you must also apply JIO PUK code 8 digit that is 00000000. If none of these work for you, then it is suggested to use the method mention below to get your unique JIO PUK code number.

Method To Get Your JIO PUK Code Number Online

To get your JIO PUK Code number online, you just need to go applying the step mention below:

  1. First Open your browser and visit the official site of JIO, jio.com .
  2. Then, search “self care lost login” and it will show some option for you.
  3. From these options, select “PUK Code” and it will take you to the login page.
  4. Then, log in with your phone number and complete the further instruction to get your JIO no PUK code.

These are the simple steps that you must need to follow to get your PUK code of JIO. These steps are simple and may help you to get the code fast.

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How To Get Your JIO PUK Code Through My JIO App?

It is very easy to get your unique JIO PUK code unlock 2023 online. For this just:

  • Open My JIO App on your device. (If you don’t have this app then you can simply download it from Play Store or App Store).
  • Log in with your SIM and visit the navigation menu.
  • Now, click on the “Help” option, and there search PUK in the search bar.
  • Now, it will provide you a link.
  • Click on that link to visit the JIO Lost SIM page.
  • There, log in with your phone number and follow the further instructions to get your JIO number PUK code.

These are the simple steps that you may need to follow to get your JIO PUK code to unlock 2023 online.

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How To Get Your JIO PUK Code Offline?

To get your PUK code for JIO offline, you can take the JIO customer assistance number. For this, just:

  1. Open your calling option and dial 18008899999.
  2. Once the IVR get connect, follow the instruction to contact the Jio customer care executive.
  3. Now, ask the JIO executive to get your JIO PUK number code and he will ask you for some detail for the verification number.
  4. Once verified, you will get your JIO PUK code through SMS.

So, follow these simple step to get your JIO PUK code offline.

How To Get JIO PUK Code Through SMS?

Yes, you can get your JIO no PUK code through SMS. For this, you just need to dial the JIO USSD Code *121#. After dial the number, just follow the correct option to get your JIO PUK code through SMS.

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Is It Worth Using JIO PUK Code Number?

JIO no. PUK is a very crucial USSD code of JIO that must help you to unlock your SIM card in case if it get blocked. This code must also be used to block your SIM if you have lost it. However, this code is very sensitive and need to be handle with care as use of the wrong code must lock your SIM card permanent. So, if you do not have much knowledge about this JIO SIM PUK code then it is suggest to contact any technical person of JIO.

About Reliance JIO

Reliance JIO Started it Preview Offers for Samsung & Lyf Mobile User In the Mid of 2016 , In which they stated Free complimentary Access to Internet For 3 Month From the date Of Activate Reliance JIO Sim Card .

That Reliance JIO had include All 4G Handset & Turn All user From Previous Offer to Welcome Offer, now it’s new concept is prime offers which extend till 2020 for all user.

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