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riot games: League of Legends: Riot games teases new Solar, Lunar Eclipse League skins – Times of India

New additions to the Solar and Lunar Eclipse skin lines for League of Legends are coming. The same has been teased by Riot Games on micro-blogging platform Twitter. In a series of tweets, Riot Games said that skins for Kayle, Sivir, Aatrox, Sejuani, and Senna are in the pipeline. These skins are likely to arrive in League’s upcoming update, LoL 12.8.

Riot confirmed that Kayle, Sivir, and Sejuani will get Solar Eclipse skins, while Aatrox and Senna will recieve Lunar Eclipse skins. Senna’s Lunar Eclipse skin will include a Prestige edition. ” Lunar Eclipse Senna & Prestige Lunar Eclipse Senna,” says the tweet. This means that a specific event surrounding these Solar and Lunar skins could be on the horizon for League. So far, Leona is reportedly the only one to have a Solar or Lunar Eclipse skin in the game.
The Solar Eclipse skin line is said to take the power of the Sun and add it into a variety of champions. “Fimbulwinter was also changed to Winter’s Approach (icon and name were updated),” says the additional note.

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