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Pink Moon April 2022 – Several parts of the world including India will witness the Pink Moon also known as the Supermoon celestial phenomenon tomorrow (April 17, 2022). This is the year’s first Pink Moon..
What is Pink Moon
Pink Moon is not what the name suggests. The moon actually does not appear pink in colour. It actually appears a little orange-ish in colour. Also, the full moon in the month of April is called Pink Moon. This is because in the month of April, in North America, pink wildflowers Phlox subulata, blossom and that’s where the name Pink Moon is derived from. The Pink Moon is also known as Growing Moon. Sprouting Grass Moon, Hare Moon and Fish Moon.
Pink Moon 2022: Time
The Pink Moon will be visible in India at 00:25 on April 17. According to a report by NASA, the Pink Moon will be visible till Monday morning.
Pink Moon 2022: How to watch it online on smartphones
The Pink Moon 2022 will be live telecasted on several online platforms. And, if you are living in the region where the celestial event will not be visible, there are options of watching it online right on their smartphones.
You can easily find YouTube channels streaming the phenomena live.

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