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A No-log VPN can simply be defined as a VPN service provider that does not keep a database or a log of its subscribers’ internet searches and activities are done via the encrypted network of the VPN. If a VPN service says that it’s a no-log one then it means they are saying that they will not keep a record of your internet activity done while using their VPN. If the VPN provider does not keep your internet record, then it also cannot sell it to a third party, which is almost always a risk.
A No-log VPN will not store the details of the websites you accessed, or what you downloaded or searched for while using the encrypted connection of the VPN. Usually, with a VPN, your online identity is not known by the online trackers and other third parties, only by the VPN service provider. A No-log VPN enhances your privacy by keeping your online presence a secret from even your VPN provider though they may keep a little data about you as regards to their company’s privacy policy. So, it is always better to check whether the VPN you are going to opt for is a logless one or not. It is also important that you look for the exact personal details any No-log VPN provider will keep.
Not every paid VPN is a no-log one, but choosing a no-log one is usually preferred because, hey, you are paying for being totally anonymous on the web and as much as some VPN providers (the ones that keep your activity log) may claim that they will not share your data, you cannot be 100% sure about their claims. This is why a No-log VPN comes with peace of mind that no one is going to snoop on your online activity. While no one can guarantee that your online activity when even using a paid VPN is fully safe from others, a logless VPN is a far better option than a VPN service that keeps users’ records. So, you should always look for this feature when purchasing a VPN.

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