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halo: Halo Infinite’s second season trailer released, will include new modes and maps – Times of India

343 Industries has released a trailer teasing Halo Infinite’s Season 2. The upcoming season will be titled “Lone Wolves”. The new season of this popular game will be launched on May 3 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. The developers have released the trailer of the game’s new season on the official YouTube channel.

According to a report by TechRadar, Halo Infinite Season 2 is expected to be a big update. The additions include a new battle pass and Shop Refresh. The Refreshed Shop is also expected to include brand-new cosmetic items for Spartans, their titles, vehicles and more.
The report further says that the developers of the game have not yet revealed the end date of the new season, however, the Halo team is likely to shorten the season to three months. The first season will be running for almost six months by the time it ends.
343 Industries had been using season one of the game to test its live-service performance, which has changed drastically since the current latest Halo game was released. Meanwhile, the developers of the game have released several patches throughout the first season to improve the areas it was lagging. Players can expect significant changes regarding the variety of battle pass rewards, the rate of XP earnings, and more in season two.
The biggest likely changes in Halo Infinite Season 2
Some of the most notable changes in Halo Infinite Season 2 can be the new maps. The developers may include more than one new battlefield in the next season. One of the new reddish maps doesn’t look similar to the others that are present in the trailer. This new map has different terrain and hues which indicates multiple new battlefields to be available to Spartans in season 2.
Another significant change that is teased in the trailer is a “battle royale-lite” mode that may also be included in the new season. More details about the brand-new mode are expected to be revealed later by the developers.
No new guns were spotted in the trailer. However, players should expect more updates ahead of the launch date.
What to expect from Halo Infinite Season 2 battle pass
The developers haven’t revealed all of the battle pass rewards yet, but the first official artwork hints toward several new gear items for Spartans. These gears include — new helmets, armour kits and weapon skins falling under the theme of “Lone Wolves,” which also refers to the series’ free-for-all mode. Some players found fewer cosmetic rewards in season one, however, the cover art heroes for season two suggest a more impressive colour palette.

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