How Apple AirPods may be being used to track Russian troops – Times of India

It has reportedly come to light that Apple AirPods are being used to find out the location of the Russian troops in Ukraine. Belarussian opposition leader’s advisor Franak Viačorka tweeted that the people of Ukraine in the country are “locating their devices on the territory of the Homiel region, Belarus, where part of the Russian army retreated.”

There have been multiple reported incidents of looting in Ukraine after the Russian invasion and AirPods are among the items that have been pilfered. Now, since they are technically lost or misplaced, Apple’s Find My feature in the TWS earbuds allows the owners to track their geographical location, which, in this case, has turned out to be the Homiel region in Belarus where the Russian forces seem to have retreated to from Ukraine’s capital. Be that as it may but there could be another explanation to this too. Did someone in the Russian forces get to know about the potential use of the AirPods tracking feature and decide to alert everyone and make them drop the device at a certain location? And how soon were the troops able to act on that since their reported location shows to be in Belarus. These are mysteries that we don’t suppose will come to light anytime soon. All that we can guess is that a part of the Russian army crossed the border to enter Belarus, a country that’s been seen as an ally of Russia.


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