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Apple Allowing Easier Face ID Repairs for iPhone X Users: Report

iPhone X users can now get their Face ID system repaired without replacing the entire device, according to a report. Apple is said to have expanded the repair programme for the TrueDepth camera system that it reportedly introduced earlier this year to the iPhone X, to allow its early Face ID adopters to get the technology fixed. The system that enables the Face ID function is difficult to repair since it includes components including a flood illuminator, dot projector, front camera, and an infrared (IR) camera. All these components need to work in a sequence to enable facial recognition on the iPhone.

Citing an internal memo, MacRumors reports that Apple has expanded its Face ID repair programme to the iPhone X. The programme was initially spotted to be in the works for the iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and the iPhone 13 models but excluded the iPhone X, according to the website. It reportedly came into force for all the newer iPhone models last month.

Apple Stores and authorised repair centres are said to have provided the TrueDepth camera system components that technicians can use to fix Face ID on the iPhone, without replacing them completely.

By reportedly expanding the programme, Apple now seems to be covering all iPhone models that have Face ID support to get their TrueDepth camera system repaired.

Gadgets 360 has reached out to Apple to confirm the reported details and will update this article when the company responds.

It is unclear whether the iPad Pro users also have the ability to get their Face ID tech fixed in a similar fashion.

Repairing the system enabling Face ID is not an easy task as the small components need to work together to enable precise facial recognition. The difficulty in repairing is presumably the reason why Apple chose to offer full replacement instead of giving the option to fix the component.

However, going for the full replacement is a costly process as most users who own the iPhone X today don’t have its warranty in place. They may have to pay as much as $549 (roughly Rs. 41,700) for replacing their iPhone at an Apple Authorised Service Provider.

Users with a faulty Face ID system are also not recommended to go for a third-party repair since Apple says that improper repair, modification, or use of non-genuine components in the laser systems may prevent the safety mechanisms from functioning properly, and could cause hazardous exposure and injury to eyes or skin.

Last year, Apple announced its self-service repair programme in the US to address concerns on limiting repairability of its devices. The company at the time, though, did not provide any clarity on whether it could allow repairing of components such as the ones enabling Face ID support on its iPhone and iPad models.

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