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Facebook users can now share Reels directly from third-party apps – Times of India

After a pilot in India, Facebook announced expansion of Instagram Reels in the Facebook app a few months ago. The short-video format is now available on Facebook and Instagram apps in more than 150 countries. Now to make it easier for users to find and share Reels, Facebook has announced a new ‘Sharing to Reels’ feature. The new feature will allow users to share short-form videos to Facebook directly from third-party apps.
Once integrated, third-party apps will have a Reels button so people can share short videos, then customise with Reels editing tools like audio, text, effects, captions and stickers. Instead of downloading their video content and uploading it later, they can now create and share video with one tap of a button. People will be able to discover Reels based on their interests and what’s popular: at the top of Feed, in the Watch Tab, in Stories, and in Groups. When a user shares their reel from a third-party app to Facebook people can easily follow along, like, comment and share with friends and family.
Apart from this, the company recently introduced two popular ‘TikTok features’ to Reels — Text-to-Speech and Voice Effects. The Text-to-Speech feature, as the name suggests, creates an artificial voice that reads the text that is provided by the user. Users can choose from the voice options before posting their video. The Voice Effects feature allows users to change their own voice that they recorded in a video. Users can change their voice to sound like a robot, a vocalist or others through this feature.

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