samsung: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 likely to get a new hinge and updated camera – Times of India

Samsung is expected to launch Galaxy Z Fold 4, the successor to its Galaxy Z Fold 3, later this year. A new report suggests that the company is planning to give its upcoming foldable a relatively much bigger update than the previous generations.
GalaxyClub has reported that Samsung might introduce an updated hinge and a major camera update to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 smartphone.
The report suggests that Samsung might borrow one of the sensors from the Galaxy S22 lineup and introduce it into the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Till today, Samsung Galaxy foldables have been taking a back seat in the camera department by offering just 12MP sensors or 16MP sensors.
While we would love to see the new 50MP sensor from Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+ smartphones or the 108MP sensor from Galaxy S22 Ultra. But, the report claims that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will most probably get the 10MP telephoto sensor with 3x optical zoom.
Apart from that, Samsung is also expected to upgrade the hinge mechanism of the Galaxy Z Fold 4, according to @TheGalox. The report suggests that the company is planning to move away from the dual-hinge design in Fold 4.
The report claims that this will help the company to reduce the price of the foldable and also bring the weight and thickness down compared to the ongoing models.

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