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Google has recently unveiled a new feature in the form of the Emoji Kitchen sticker tool for Gboard on Android. This feature allows Android users to combine different emojis directly on their keyboard, before sharing those creations on their favourite apps. This sticker tool takes two different emojis and automatically combines them. Each combination is handmade and presently over 15,000 different stickers can be created using the Emoji Kitchen. Here we will discuss how it works and how can it be used by iOS users.
How does it work?
Users will need to start with one emoji to create an Emoji Kitchen sticker on Gboard. You just need to select the first emoji (as you would normally do) and Gboard will automatically list suggested combinations. Users can choose to ignore Google’s suggestion and can pick the emoji of their choice to specify the sticker they want. As you choose multiple emojis, Google will give you further suggestions that will follow the same basic theme.
Users need to tap on the sticker of their choosing and it will remove the emoji from the text field after automatically inserting it into the app that they are using. Users can also use the Magic Wand emoji to create the blob emoji that Google previously used on Android as stickers.
Where will this tool work?
It is important to note that the feature does not work on all Android apps. However, it is expected to work on most chat apps such as Google Messages, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp and others.
Types of emojis that work on Emoji Kitchen
As mentioned earlier, over 15,000 possible stickers can be currently created using the Emoji Kitchen. However, Google hasn’t published an official list of emojis. The most used ones are the various collection of faces and Emoji Kitchen supports almost every face. Apart from faces, the other major groups include — animals, hearts, symbols and other miscellaneous emojis.
Google has also made a few new additions to the Emoji Kitchen since December 2021. It has expanded the list of supported emojis and added hundreds of new stickers to the library. The latest update also added several emojis from the Unicode 14 standard. Moreover, the Emoji Kitchen team has also expanded which has resulted in some old combinations getting redesigned and adding some new ones.
Does it work on iOS?
The Emoji Kitchen is an exclusive feature of Gboard for Android devices and it does not work on iOS. Google has not explained why this tool doesn’t work on iOS but the limitation of third-party keyboards on this platform can be a reason for it. However, Apple users can access a version of the feature on iPhones and iPads through an online version of the Emoji Kitchen which works through the iOS browser at Here, users can create an emoji sticker and have to download it as an image. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that this version of the Emoji Kitchen isn’t as up-to-date as the one available on Android.

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