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Even after leaving the smartphone market, the consumer electronics brand, LG hasn’t stopped offering support and updates to some of its existing smartphones. The company has dropped two listings on its official website in South Korea and Germany that reveal the lists of eligible devices for Android 12 and Android 13 updates along with the Android 11 roadmap.
In the list, it can be seen that LG is not only planning to update its premium smartphones like LG Velvet or LG Wing with the future Android update, but the list also includes mid-range devices like LG K52, Q50 and more. Here’s the list of all the devices that will receive the next Android update in future.
Do note that this list is based on the LG South Korea region and Germany and there’s a possibility that the list includes some devices that were not launched in India.
Android 11 rollout roadmap

Phone name Rollout date Status
LG Velvet 5G April 2021 Completed
LG G8X Q3 2021 Testing
LG Velvet (LTE) Q4 2021 Testing
LG G8S Q4 2021 Testing
LG Wing Q4 2021 Testing
LG K52 Q4 2021 Testing
LG K42 Q4 2021 Testing

List of smartphones that are eligible for Android 12 and Android 13

Phone name Android 12 update Android 13 update
LG Wing Eligible Eligible
LG Velvet (5G) Eligible Eligible
LG Velvet (LTE) Eligible Eligible
LG V50S Eligible Not eligible
LG V50 Eligible Not eligible
LG G8 Eligible Not eligible
LG Q31 Eligible Not eligible
LG Q52 Eligible Not eligible
LG Q92 5G Eligible Not eligible

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