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Microsoft has been investing in the Android ecosystem by offering its apps and services for smartphones running Android. In fact, Microsoft has now created a new Android Microsoft Platform and Experiences (AMPX) division under Windows/software chief Panos Panay to improve upon the services and apps they offer on Android.
The division includes the Surface Duo OS team, the recently rebranded Phone Link app, SwiftKey keyboard and Microsoft Launcher.
With the new division, the company will be focusing on offering more services, apps and tools for Android and work on integrating Android smartphones better with the Windows operating system, somewhat similar to macOS and iOS integration.
Meanwhile, there are certain things that Microsoft currently offers as a part of integrating the Android into the Windows operating system, here’s a list.
Android apps and games on Windows
The biggest highlight of Windows 11 operating system was the Android app support. Although Microsoft took a while to roll out the feature, it is finally available in select regions and in the Windows Insider Preview builds. Windows 11 users can install the Amazon App Store and download Android apps on their Windows PC.
Google has also launched the Android Games app for Windows that allows users to play select Android titles on Windows devices.
Apart from that, Microsoft has also confirmed to bring support for more Android apps to Windows with future updates.
Phone Link (earlier Your Phone)
Phone Link app that comes pre-installed with Windows 11 allows users to link their Android devices to Windows and access certain features like Calls, messages, photo gallery and apps from their smartphones.
OneDrive integration
OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage solution and it is also a good alternative to Google Drive. Samsung has already started offering OneDrive as the primary backup option for photos and videos. Others can simply download the app and use it to back up their photos and videos with the app’s built-in backup tool.
Microsoft Office integration and Edge web browser
Microsoft has a pretty extensive set of apps available for Android. The entire office suite is available on Android devices and users can log in with the Microsoft account to access documents on both Android devices and Windows. The list also includes an Office lens, a page scanning tool and an alternative to CanScanner (now banned by the government of India).
Edge web browser is also available on both platforms. This allows users to seamlessly continue browsing from their PC to smartphones or vice versa.
Swiftkey keyboard
Swiftkey is a pretty popular keyboard on Android and is available on both Android and Windows operating systems. This allows users to keep their word suggestions and dictionary synced across the devices.
Microsoft Authenticator
Another tool that Microsoft offers for Android is Microsoft Authenticator. This tool allows users to keep their passwords saved and automatically enter them when required. The tool also acts as the authentication option for 2FA authentication while logging into email accounts or services.

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