What’s Reverse Hair Washing And Why Is It In Vogue

When it comes to hair care, you are probably familiar with the rinse-and-repeat regimen: a deep-cleanse using shampoo, backed by a conditioner to nourish and seal the cuticles. However, if you have fine hair that becomes limp and weighted down after every conditioning, you may prefer to reverse the procedure. According to the pros, reverse washing may be the key to thicker and voluminous hair. Here’s how to go about it.

How to reverse shampoo?

It’s as simple as reversing the hair-washing procedure. Condition the hair first, then rinse and wash. This helps to remove any conditioner residue from the scalp and keeps the hair from being weighed down. This method might revitalize your hair if you struggle with an oily scalp, thin or limp hair, or both.

This procedure assists in the restoration of the hair follicles prior to washing the scalp, making the hair seem healthier and nourished. According to experts, reverse hair washing can also help give texture to flat, drab hair.

Why is it necessary?

Shampooing your hair before conditioning aids in the removal of perspiration and grime from the scalp. As a consequence, the natural oil in your hair frequently vanishes, leaving you with a lack of hydration. Conditioner rehydrates the scalp. However, it often sticks to the hair and begins to damage it. Furthermore, the hair may get more greasy as a result of this. If you have dry, thin, or greasy hair, you should attempt this procedure. In fact, leaving the conditioner in the hair also weakens the texture of the hair.

Conditioning your hair before shampooing will protect the ends and nourish the cuticles. Practitioners of this method believe that the conditioner acts as a primer prior to washing, protecting the hair strand from being stripped of its natural oils by the shampoo.

The proper way to reverse hair washing is to wet the hair.

· Take a sufficient amount of any high-quality conditioner in your palm.

· Apply it from the mid-lengths to the tips of your hair.

· Massage with gentle strokes.

· Allow it to sit on your hair for 20 minutes.

· Reapply water to your hair.

· Now, take shampoo and massage it into your hair.

· Then thoroughly wash your hair.

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