This banned app in India was the most-popular app globally in the first three months of 2022 – Times of India

Chinese app TikTok’s dream run continues across the world in 2022. The app banned in India in June 2020 was the most-downloaded app globally during the first quarter of the year 2022, as per SensorTower. TikTok, including Douyin on iOS in China, maintained its position as the top grossing non-game app overall. The app emerged at the top across both stores, Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This means the app is the most-downloaded app on both iPhones as well as Android smartphones.
First-time downloads across the App Store and Google Play climbed 1.1 percent Y/Y in 1Q22, reaching 36.8 billion downloads. Both platforms saw approximately the same growth, with Apple’s marketplace rising 1.2 percent Y/Y to 8.5 billion downloads and Google’s store growing 1.1 percent Y/Y to 28.3 billion. TikTok saw the most downloads across both marketplaces combined as well as on Apple’s platform. Facebook owner Meta maintained its grasp on the top of the Google Play chart with apps like Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger ranking in top 10. In 2021, Facebook was the most downloaded app on Google Play, while this past quarter, that distinction went to Instagram, which saw 125.8 million first-time installs. Across the App Store and Google Play, TikTok saw more than 186 million installs globally.
Android users spent most on Google One
Google’s strategy of restricting storage seems to be paying. As Android users now seem to embracing the company’s paid storage services. In terms of revenue, Google One topped the chart with nearly $250 million on Google Play Store. TikTok generated $821 million in consumer spending durthe quarter. On Google Play Store, it came second to Google One.
Worldwide mobile game revenue and downloads
Consumer spending in mobile games declined 7.1 percent Y/Y to $21 billion in 1Q22, with both the App Store and Google Play seeing less revenue when compared to the year-ago period. Mobile games on Apple’s platform saw about $12.9 billion, down 2.3 percent Y/Y, while Google Play saw its mobile game revenue decline 13.8 percent Y/Y to $8.1 billion.

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