Ramadan 2022 Moon Sighting: When Will The Crescent Moon Appear In India?

New Delhi: Ramazan (Ramadan or Ramadhan) is the holiest month in Islam and practising Muslims all around the world keep fast during this month. Ramazan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and according to Muslim belief, God (Allah) revealed Quran during this month.

Muslims all around the globe keep fast from dawn to dusk. Ramazan is considered a time for creating discipline, self-control and contemplation on one’s act.

Muslim communities all over the world eagerly await for a new moon or the crescent moon to be sighted on the 29th day of Shaban (8th month of the Islamic calendar). If the moon is sighted after the 29th of Shaban, then the Ramazan begins the next day. If the crescent moon is not sighted right after 29th Shaban, then the lunar calendar wraps itself up after 30 days and the next month starts.

Ramadan 2022 Date: When Will Islamic Holy Month Begin In India?

With the advancement of technology, often telescopes are used to aid the moon-sighting. Observers in general are directed to be in a remote location, free of pollution and on high ground to be able to sight the crescent moon.

Ramadan 2022 Moon Sighting In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court has announced that the sighting of the Ramazan crescent moon will take place on the evening of Friday, April 1, 2022. According to the Arab Union for Astronomy, Ramazan is expected to begin in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, April 2. However, this could change depending on the sighting of the crescent moon.

Ramadan 2022 Moon Sighting In India

Today, April 1, is 28th Shaban in India and the moon can only be sighted on the 29th of Shaban. Therefore in India, the moon is to be sighted tomorrow i.e April 2nd. Based on the emergence of the crescent moon tomorrow evening, Ramazan will either be observed on Sunday (April 3rd) or Monday (April 4th).  

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