If You Have These 5 Traits, Weight Loss Is Far Away

Shedding kilos is one tedious task. From making changes in their diet plans to kick-starting a workout regime, people try numerous ways to lose weight. Many do find the motivation to hit the gym but are not able to regulate their food consumption habits. Despite trying to eat right and include more nutritious and healthy food in their diet, small mistakes often tend to hinder their weight loss goal.

Here are five traits hat indicate that your weight loss can get affected:

  1. Food addict
    Are you a food addict? Some people are clueless about when to stop, whether they are eating healthy or unhealthy food, they just go on and on. In case they find a dish tasty, they might overeat or indulge in binge eating. Even if they are full, they have a hard time understanding that they should stop. This is when one consumes more calories than they burn in a day, leading to weight gain.
  2. Cut down too many calories
    One must get a grip on how many calories they intake. Though there are some who cut down too many calories which is also not right. When the calorie intake is too low, the body’s metabolism starts to slow down, necessitating a larger calorie deficit to lose weight. The body’s hunger hormone, ghrelin, gets out of control, which quite often leads you to overeat.
  3. Stressed out?
    There is no debate that stress affects our eating, exercise, and sleep habits, mostly in negative ways. But not many know that stress also affects cortisol levels which makes it hard to lose weight. People following restrictive diets are at times terrified to fall off the wagon and are stressed out about sticking to their diet, which tend to affect their weight loss efforts.
  4. Proper Sleep
    If you are not getting enough sleep, it might have a direct impact on your weight. Around 7-8 hours of sleep is recommended but not everyone gets it, and it can make us feel foggy-headed and lethargic the next day. Following this, the body then craves food, especially sugar, to help combat the lack of energy. It gets very difficult to eat mindfully and follow a diet when one is sleep deprived. It is advised that one should get to bed at a decent hour and remove things that hinder sleep.
  5. Binge Eating
    Watching our favorite movies without snacks is not something we sign up for. We come up with ways to binge on our favourite meals and give them fancy names like – guilty eating, sugar craving, stress eating, reward eating, and what not. We tend to ignore the hunger cues and binge eat the most unhealthy food while drinking too.

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