For Summers, This Fruit Lip Balm is All Your Lips Need. Make it at Home

In summer, the weather gets extreme. Along with our other body parts, we need to take special care of our lips too. Dry, cracked and chapped lips are pretty common in the scorching heat of April and May. And one of the simple ways to prevent these problems in summer is by applying lip balm. It keeps the lips nourished and hydrated.

The skin of our lips is way more sensitive than any other part of the body. Therefore a layer of protection keeps it healthy. Here is an easy tip to make a homemade mango lip balm this summer.


Medium size saucepan (to make a double boiler)

Glass bowl

Measuring cups

Essential oils

Jojoba oil (1 tablespoon)

Coconut oil (2 tablespoons)

Mango Butter (2 tablespoon)



First, make a double boiler by placing the saucepan of water onto the stove and then put a heat-safe bowl over the top of it.

Boil the water.

Drop all ingredients into the bowl. Beeswax takes the longest to melt. Cook it for about 15 to 20 mins.

Once the mixture completely melts, it should be amber in colour. Add the essential oils.

For glass lip balm containers, one can directly pour the hot liquid into the containers.

However, for plastic containers, allow the mixture to cool down before pouring it.

This lip balm is easy and quick to make. It hardly takes 20 minutes to get ready. And this amazing lip balm keeps your lips smooth and hydrated.

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