Add These Picturesque Car-Free Cities to Your Travel List

Undeniably, being part of a metropolitan city sounds very charming, but in reality, it is a daily struggle to find peace amidst the nonstop honking and reach our destination without getting stuck in traffic, which very easily costs us our precious hours. Often to escape this daily hustle and bustle, the urban population runs away to hilly terrains or beaches, to spend a few peaceful days and wear off their exhaustion. And did you know that there are cities across the globe which are completely car-free and pedestrian-friendly? Yes, you heard that right.

While half of the world is contributing to the increased air pollution, there are few cities that are making every effort possible to tackle this situation by banning cars or bikes. Honestly, these picturesque places should be on the top of your travel list. So, let’s take a look at the list of cities that are car-free:

Without a doubt, Venice will top this list. It is a much loved and most famous car-free city in the world, as it attracts travellers from across the globe through its over 170 canals and more than 410 bridges, as well as vibrant buildings. Both locals and visitors travel to this destination either by boat or walking.

Located in the Valais canton of southern Switzerland, Zermatt is one of the most picturesque locations in the country. The beautiful place is completely car-free, and when it comes to private vehicles, they are only permitted till Täsch, a charming small town located about 5 kms from Zermatt. The location is easily navigable through horse-drawn carriage or foot.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site is popularly known for being car-free. It is one of the earth’s largest contiguous car-free urban locations. Another reason behind going car-free is that the streets and narrow alleyways are inaccessible by automobiles. And to navigate around shops, schools, mosques people rely on foot, donkeys, or carts. Due to its strict no-vehicle policy in the vicinity, the destination is said to be the largest surviving medieval city in the world.

This quaint location of Belgium is another addition to the list of car-free areas in the European country. Ghent was ahead of all of the time as it prohibited cars in 1996. The sensible action was taken in a bid to improve air quality and tackle constant traffic jams.

  • Giethoorn, the Netherlands

Fondly known as the Dutch Venice, Giethoorn provides you the boat-filled waterways, and bicycle trails everywhere. Giethoorn is not just car-free, but completely road-free, taking the concept of sustainability to another level.

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