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Want to look taller? Follow these simple styling tips

Every person is different. Just like their social behaviour, upbringing, values and ethics, their body structure differs too. Some are tall while others are short, some have a curvy body while others ace a zero figure. Despite the differences, everyone is beautiful in their way.

There is no barrier when it comes to fashion, but it depends on the requirement of the person. Short girls can look adorable in any outfit, but some might want to look taller than their actual height. If you are one of them, then you can achieve this goal by keeping a few things in mind.

  1. Wear vertical stripes

Whenever you are choosing an outfit, try to pick something that has a vertical design, rather than a horizontal one. The lines falling from head to toe make a person look taller.

  1. Go for monochrome shades

Dressing in a similar colour palette from top to bottom makes the body look tall. The colours play with the other person’s eyes and when we dress in similar colours, it gives an elongated view of the body without breaking it into parts.

  1. Choose smaller prints

When it comes to dresses or tops, the cute floral print attracts us most during the summer season. However, if you want to look tall, then go for smaller prints instead of huge block prints. The reason is simple, the larger prints look overwhelming on a petite frame whereas smaller prints can work well with them.

  1. Opt for flare or full-length pants

The pants that fall below the ankle sometimes make short girls/women look taller. Flare jeans also highlight the curves of a female body and make short girls look flattering. Ankle length jeans are often a big no for girls wanting to look tall.

  1. Fitted outfits over oversized ones

While oversized outfits like loose shirts and baggy t-shirts are in trend nowadays, petite girls should try to go for fitted outfits. Oversized clothes often make one look overweight.

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