This is Why You Should Use Yoga Wheel

Yoga is said to be an effective way to heal the body and mind. It is one form of exercise that not just aids physical health but also relaxes the mind by releasing stress and improving concentration. While yoga asanas can be performed without equipment, one can use a yoga wheel to have additional benefits from the asanas.

The yoga wheel is a round wheel-like hollow structure made of plastic or wood with a rubber covering. If someone is a beginner and wants to try out difficult asanas, then the yoga wheel supports carrying out advanced poses. Many yoga trainers and celebrities use the yoga wheel. Not just this, there are multiple benefits of a yoga wheel due to which many people use it despite being able to carry out difficult poses.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of the yoga wheel that will uplevel your yoga game.


As discussed above as well, the yoga wheel helps you to do the challenging poses with safety. It provides you with support that prevents injuries.

Improves flexibility

Using equipment gives you the confidence to try out various poses. In the process, one stretches more than they usually do which aids in improving flexibility. Also, with the help of a yoga wheel, one can even do splits.

Relieves pain

The yoga wheel helps in soothing the pain. While you may not want to indulge in any physical activity during pain, doing gentle poses using a yoga wheel can relieve pain and make you feel better.

Strengthens the spine

A yoga wheel is often used in back poses. It is said to be an effective tool in strengthening the spinal code. It improves posture and balance by keeping the spine straight and intact.

Releases muscle tension

While your body stretches properly, the muscles pull out. The yoga wheel helps in stretching more than normal and hence, releases muscle tension from the shoulder, neck, and other areas.

Tone the body

Using a yoga wheel focused on a particular area such as the thighs, core, abdomen, and so on, helps in bringing the part in shape. Combining the yoga wheel with various asanas, one can achieve a toned and polished body.

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