Why Your Young Children Stick Their Tongue Out Frequently

When you notice your child sticking their tongue out frequently, you wonder if this is normal behaviour. The short answer is yes; sticking one’s tongue out is a very common behaviour among newborns. Though, a grown-up child sticks his/her tongue out for a variety of reasons. They may stick their tongues out in a playful way or to tease others.

However, as parents, one should know the reasons why your kid is sticking out his tongue repeatedly.

We have listed some reasons behind a child sticking out his tongue frequently

The child is hungry or playful:

If a kid opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue or licks his lips with his tongue, this may mean that the kid is hungry. Apart from this, young children also stick out their tongues while playing games or teasing another child.

The child is breathing through the mouth:

It has also been observed that children who are used to breathing through the mouth, instead of a nose, also often stick out their tongues.

When youngsters are unable to breathe through their nose or have trouble breathing through their nose, they begin to breathe through their mouth, and as a result, they develop the habit of sticking their tongues out. Apart from this, the problem of tonsils can also be a reason for kids sticking out their tongues.

The child may be teething:

When a child is teething, he often takes out his tongue. This is because when the child’s teeth grow, they feel the teeth in their mouth and there is slight itching. They want to chew on something to get rid of the itching. In such situations, a child tries to chew his tongue by sticking it out.

(Disclaimer: The health tips shared in this article are based on common practices and general knowledge. Readers are advised to consult a doctor before following them at home.)

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