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samsung: This may be the smartphone Samsung is working on under the codename ‘Project Diamond’ – Times of India

Samsung recently launched the Samsung Galaxy S22 series smartphones and it appears that the tech giant has already started working on its next flagship. As per a report by GalaxyClub, Samsung is developing the Galaxy S23 series under ‘Project Diamond.’ Previously the Samsung Galaxy S23 series was confused for the codenamed ‘N4’ project. Now the report has clarified that ‘N4’ and ‘Project Diamond’ are two different devices. It is expected that the ‘N4’ is a next generation foldable device from the company.
Although the codename ‘Project Diamond’ does not reveal any detail about the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, it appears it may be quite similar to the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S22 series. To recall, the codename of Samsung Galaxy S22 series was ‘Project Rainbow’ and the three devices in the series were codenamed – R0, G0, and B0.
Similar details about Samsung Galaxy S23 series were also shared by display industry consultant Ross Young. “We hear Samsung’s Project Diamond is the S23…Doesn’t look like a 3rd foldable device this year. But now we know what S23 is called internally…” Young wrote on Twitter last week.
As per the reports, the next flagship series from Samsung will feature a similar price tag as the Samsung Galaxy S22 series. It is also rumoured that the top of the line model in the Samsung Galaxy S23 series will feature a new 200MP ISOCELL HP1 sensor.
For those who are unaware, Samsung unveiled the 200MP ISOCELL HP1 sensor last year. The sensor features a dynamic pixel binning technology that can adjust the output resolution based on the ambient light. Although the sensor is made by Samsung, it is not yet used in any of the flagship smartphones launched by the company.

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