Promote Internet Safety for Your Child Through These Ways

With the advancement of the internet and technology, the need to increase the safety against cyber-crime has also risen. Undeniably, the internet has become omnipresent and even toddlers can easily access it.

In the 21st century, children are surrounded by many gadgets, making it worrisome because now our children are just a touch away from the information and content that they shouldn’t come across, in terms of their age. Wondering what as a parent you can do? Here are a few ways to maintain internet safety for your child:

  • Monitor the quality of content

Several parents worry about the time duration of their child being exposed to screens or the amount of time a child spends surfing the internet, but actually, it is more crucial to monitor the type of content your child is consuming. The key to safe internet practices is through managing and prioritizing the quality of content consumed and not the time that is spent on the internet.

  • Aware your children of different risks

Amidst the entertainment of the virtual world, it is hard for your children to realise the risk behind it. You, as a parent, need to make your child aware of the different types of risks that they can come across while surfing the internet. There are four major types of risks that you need to be careful of – content risks, conduct risks, consumer risks, and contact risks.

  • Inform about privacy risk

In addition to the aforementioned risks, you need to inform your child that just the physical world, there is an utmost requirement of creating security and boundaries in the virtual world. While signing in or registering we often tend to give excess information and end up disrupting our privacy. This should be taken care of. As a parent, you need to keep an eye on your child and what details they are uploading on the internet.

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