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google: Google brings new formatting features to Google Docs – Times of India

Google is expanding the feature list of Google Docs on the web by adding new Markdown support. The new markdown support is based on auto correct feature, according to the official blog post published by the company.
With these new Markdown shortcuts, Google Docs will allow users to format their document using text-based shortcuts instead of the keyboard shortcuts that we usually use. It is also important to note that the regular keyboard shortcuts will still be available and Google is not replacing them.
Also, Google Docs still support basic Markdown shortcuts for bulleted lists or numbered lists. The company has now expanded the support to a wider range. As a part of this, Google is extending the Markdown support for headlines, bold, italic, strikethrough and more.
Google Docs Markdown new shortcuts

  • Users can now use shortcuts to format headline in Google Docs by using # for Headline 1, ## for Headline 2, ### for Headline 3 and so on.
  • To make a word italic, users can put * at the beginning and end of the word. (Example: *Gadgetsnow*)
  • For bold, users need to add ** at the beginning and end of the word. (Example: **Gadgetsnow**)
  • Adding *** at the beginning and end of a word will make it both bold and italic. (Example: ***Gadgetsnow***)
  • To add a link, simply paste the link between the (). (Example: (www.gadgetsnow.com)

Who will receive the new Markdown shortcuts
According to the official blog post, the update will be available for end users of Google Docs. Also, there will be no admin control for this feature. However, as per the post, the feature will be turned off by default and users will need to enable it manually.
Will it be available for all Google Account users
The post mentions that the feature will be available to all Google Workspace customers, legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers along with personal Google Accounts.
The feature is now rolling out in a phased manner and the company has clarified that it might take over 15 days to reach all the customers.
How to enable Google Docs Markdown
Open Google Docs, Drawings and Sheets and click on Tools → Preferences and check the box next to ‘Automatically detect Markdown’.

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