Why a Woman Needs To Be Financially Independent

Financial independence gives you the choice to lead the life of your choice or the way you want to. Women in India face so many hurdles on their way to financial independence. Many don’t get the opportunities to achieve; the ones who achieve financial independence at some point have to sacrifice their careers for family or to raise their children.

In these changing times and rising inflation, every member of the family needs to be financially independent. So many women, especially in India, sacrifice their careers once they get married. Most of these women are educated and capable of earning well. However, due to the pressure from their families and society, they leave their jobs after marriage or after becoming a mother. Here’s why women of the family should be financially independent.

Spending capacity of the family:

A financially independent woman can support her family in every way possible. With steep inflation, it is virtually impossible to lead a good life with only one person earning.


The self-respect of women is often ignored. When a woman is earning, she doesn’t need to ask her husband for money for her expenses.

Command respect from the family members

Financially independent women command respect from every member of the family. Women, who are financially dependent on their families, often face disrespect. Even the relatives and neighbours respect a financially independent woman.

Can stand up to atrocities and injustice

Women who are not financially independent, are not able to stand up for themselves or any other oppressed person in society. The husband or other family members may exploit the financial dependence of women to commit atrocities on them.

Increased Self Confidence

Financial Independence provides self-confidence. If the woman of a house is self-confident, she can make better decisions for her family.

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