Should You Be Washing Your Face With Carbonated Water Like Sonnalli Seygall? Here’s What Experts Say

Skincare has undergone an evolution over the past few years, and today many celebrities and actors are sharing their secrets to glowing skin. Most recently, actress Sonnalli Seygall shared her skincare routine on Instagram. The 32-year-old actress showed that her skincare routine includes washing her face with carbonated water. Yes, using carbonated water or soda water might do wonders for your skin.

In her latest post, the actress opened a bottle of carbonated water and splashed it on her face quite generously. Sonnalli also mentioned in the Instagram Reel that using carbonated water gives her “healthy glowing skin.” The actress also mentioned that including this item in your skincare routine will help you unclog pores, removes dirt and oil, and even reduces acne.

It seems even dermatologists approve of carbonated water as a skincare step. Speaking to The Cut, dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman said that carbonated water dilates blood vessels and the arterial end of capillaries, which increases blood flow and circulation. Engelman explained that when blood flow increases, more oxygen and nutrients can get into one’s skin. When skin is fed with more nutrients and oxygen, it regenerates more efficiently, which in turn helps in the removal of annoying marks like acne scars, and cells turn over in a more timely fashion. This will also make your skin glow.

Carbonated water is good as a cleanser since it has a slightly acidic pH, almost the same as the pH of human skin. Carbonation can clean up without irritating the skin because it does not remove the acidity of the skin’s topmost layer.

Dr. Kavita Mariwalla told The Cut that carbonated water can be your DIY exfoliator at home as well. “This trend simply allows the bubbles or fizz to help dissolve dirt from the superficial layers of skin in a gentle way, without needing a washcloth,” said Mariwalla and added, “Most of the benefits of this routine come from the fact that the water being used has soothing minerals in it.”

So if you want to, you can treat your skin to some luxurious sparkling water instead of tap water.

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