Seven-Year-Old Becomes Youngest Opera Singer, Started singing at Two

With her incredibly melodious voice, a seven-year-old girl has become the youngest opera singer. Victory Brinker was awarded the title by Guinness World Records after she participated in eight professional performances in 2019, as per GWR website.

Now, Victory is 10 years old and dedicatedly polishes her voice to achieve new heights in the opera world.

Years before she bagged the title, Victory’s parents already knew that their daughter had an inclination towards opera. Being a toddler, Victory had once asked her mother to show who could sing the highest notes.

According to Victory, she was “an early talker and started singing at age two.” She claimed that she started memorising “entire CDs with good pitch” when she was just aged between two and three. “I was always singing,” she added.

Besides performing at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre’s Lights and Legends show, which helped her clinch the title, Victory has a long list of achievements. She is capable of reaching over three octaves and can sing in seven different languages.

Moreover, Victory became the first-ever contestant who got a unanimous Golden Buzzer at America’s Got Talent on July 6, 2021. Victory had not only managed to mesmerise the audience with her performance of ‘Juliet’s Waltz’ but impressed all the four judges of the show.

Later, Victory also participated in an Italian music show and several other TV shows where she put her skills to display. In addition, she also sings the anthem at NBA, MLB and NFL games.

To sharpen her talent, Victory takes classes from a coach and learns new pieces and languages. She spends 45 minutes to an hour practising with her mother every day. Victory insists that her mother taught her how to sing and always encourages her to do better.

However, there are no limits to Victory’s talent. Besides singing, she is also pursuing acting and hopes to shatter records in the future too. Victory is aiming at breaking the record for “highest vocal note” by a child or even an adult.

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