IPL 2022: Twitter testing new cricket tab for Android users – Times of India

As IPL 2022 is on, Twitter has announced that it is testing a new cricket tab on its Explore page. The company will be rolling out the experimental tab to some people in India who use Twitter on Android. As per Twitter, the tab will be a single landing point that will serve as a channel of discovery for what’s happening in cricket.
People who have access to the tab will be able to view content in various formats. The tab will allow users to follow match scores on Twitter with a live scorecard. The tab will also give fans access to content widgets like top players, and team rankings. Twitter will also be partnering with broadcast and creator partners to bring customised video content including in-match moments, highlights, and off-field action.
According to the company, 75% of people on Twitter in India identify as cricket fans and 58% play the sport. Between January 2021 – January 2022, 4.4 million Indians on Twitter shared 96.2 million Tweets about cricket.
“Through our new Cricket experiment offering an immersive experience, we want to make it easier for India’s cricket fans to find relevant and engaging content as well as encourage conversations and find latest updates including the score all in one place.” said Shirish Andhare, director of product for Twitter India on the new experiment.

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