Post-Pandemic Food Trends to Formulate a New Lifestyle For Indians

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has finally enhanced the habit of eating healthy and prioritising our health. But it isn’t only about giving the body adequate nutrition, rather making our body strong and immune enough to combat diseases and infections. The pandemic has infused in many of us a sense of apprehension about foods that we eat, with many avoiding street foods unlike earlier. The good side of the pandemic is that it has made people more conscious about their lifestyle choices and food habits.

After the pandemic, people worldwide tend to have plant-based foods that are low in carbohydrates and fat and are experimenting with their meals.

Let’s take a look at the new post-pandemic food trends:

Plant-based meals

There are so many affordable plant-based foods available in the market that are always at the top of healthy food trends. But especially after a global crisis like Covid-19, people have been opting for plant-based diet in their everyday routines. With people shifting from an animal-based diet to a plant-based diet, the food industry is slowly adopting new items and alternatives according to people’s choices.

Healthy snacks

In today’s world, a large number of people are driven by healthier snack, instead of having junk foods and high-carbohydrate-loaded snacks. People are gradually shifting to a diet that is beneficial for health. Healthy snacks like dry fruits, protein bars, gluten-free protein munchies, and identical items are becoming increasingly popular.

Baked foods

Since the time of lockdown, the habit of baking continued as a long-term hobby for many people. Some experimented with the various forms of baked foods such as pastries, cookies, and brownies to pies, puddings, etc. The convenient and easily made procedures made the baked delicacies a complete meal option.

Homemade food

Due to the excessive outburst of coronavirus cases, health experts and doctors advised us to consume only light homemade foods. Even after the pandemic is over, a lot of people are preferring homemade food. Most importantly, the hospitality brands are also preferring the option of “cooking at home.”

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