Bored of Daily Breakfast? Let’s Add a Fresh Dish, Bread Upma, to The List

Breakfast is perhaps the most important meal of the day. And therefore, why not add another quick dish to the list? This Bread Upma recipe takes only 20 minutes, and the dish is healthy for both children and adults. Bread Upma is nothing but bread tossed in spices, herbs, onions and tomatoes. This recipe can also be used in brunch or as evening snacks.

It is also a popular street food in India. In South India, it is served in college canteens and tiffin centres. People love it for its taste, soft texture, with bursting flavours that easily melts in the mouth. The aroma of ginger, green chillies, and curry leaves make it more delicious.


2 to 3 slices of bread (any bread)

1 tablespoon oil

Half teaspoon mustard seeds

1 sprig of curry leaves

Three fourth tablespoon ginger paste

1 green chilli slit or chopped

8 to 10 cashew nuts or peanuts

One fourth cup onions

Half cup ripe tomatoes

Salt as needed



3 to 4 tablespoon water

2 tablespoon coriander leaves

Lemon juice

STEP 1: First, toast the bread slices on tawa or toaster.

STEP 2: Cool the bread and cut it into small cubes.

STEP 3: Heat oil in a pan. Add cashews and peanuts to the hot oil. Fry until it’s golden and then put this aside with the bread.

STEP 4: Put mustard oil in a pan, then add chopped green chilli and curry leaves to it and waits until the leaves turn crisp.

STEP 5: Add chopped onions and keep them until it turns golden. Then add ginger to it.

STEP 6: Then add the ripe tomatoes, salt and turmeric. And wait until the tomatoes turn completely mushy.

STEP 7: Next put half tablespoon red chilli powder and half tablespoon sugar.

STEP 8: Then add 3 to 4 tablespoons of water and cook until the masala turns thick. Check the taste and adjust salt and spice if needed.

STEP 9: Add bread and cashews.

STEP 10: Mix everything well. Do not stir a lot, otherwise, the bread will get mushy. Add some coriander leaves.

Serve Bread Upma hot with some lemon juice sprinkled on top.

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