Travel Insurance: All You Need to Know

Travelling suffered great deals of blows induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. As reservations and travel plans got laden with restrictions and people were forced to align themselves with the COVID appropriate behaviour, travel lost its essence with each day passing. Unprecedented conditions dominated the industry and crippled it to a point where conditions got concretised and have now become the new paradigm.

One such phenomenon is the proliferation of the prevalence of travel insurance. Acting like a shield that safeguards various aspects of your travel, travel insurance has gained traction ever since people suffered losses amid the pandemic. People have become more prudent when it comes to planning a trip and travelling to a destination. A lot more planning goes into developing a structure for a trip, be it important or trivial.

In this article, we will make you aware of everything you need to know about travel insurance, so that the next time you travel, you feel safe and secure in every sense. Let’s first look at what does travel insurance cover:

Apart from a few aspects related to your travel, travel insurance covers almost all of it.

Trip Cancellation

Travel insurance primarily covers the cancellation of your trip. However, while signing the agreement, read the conditions carefully since the reasons for the cancellation of trips may differ. Generally, travel insurance covers reasons that are beyond your control.


Delay in acquiring the baggage or losing it all the way should be covered by your travel insurance. In case any mishap takes place with your baggage, you will be fairly compensated monetarily for it.

What is not Covered?

As mentioned earlier, cancellation insurance is only valid if the cancellation is done for reasons that are not in your control. If your trip gets cancelled due to, say, discomfort, then the insurance might not cover the cancellation.

Things To Keep In Mind

Make sure that the claims process of your insurance is hassle-free. In addition, make sure that you choose an insurance provider that fosters a high claim settlement ratio.

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