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Google has started to roll out a new Microsoft Edge-style side panel for Chrome browser. First spotted in the Chrome Canary channel in October, the new feature is part of the Chrome stable release 99. The feature can be accessed using the shortcut at the top right of the Chrome browser beside the profile avatar. A similar feature was already available on Edge browser for quite some time.
What the new Chrome side panel does
The side panel feature in the Chrome browser allows you to access the Reading list and bookmarks quickly. Once you click on the new shortcut, you will be able to see a two-tab panel with Reading List and Bookmarks option. It is worth noting that the panel appears on the right side of the browser and stays open while you use the browser as usual. You can also close the side panel by clicking on the ‘X’ in the panel.
Recently, the tech giant also added space for notes on the Chrome password manager. This means that you can add notes to the saved passwords. This feature can be seen as a simple ‘Note’ field under the username and password fields.
This option can be seen when you edit an existing password or add one for the first time. It will help you give context to an account, which has already been added by a user. The note section can have security questions, small information, which can help you remember the details of the account.

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