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Google Photos is quite a handy app to store your photos and videos that you have collected over the years. From time to time, Google keeps updating the Photos app with new features. A report by Android Police now details some of the changes that are expected to come to Google Photos in the next few weeks.
As per the report, Google is redesigning the Library tab, giving users a cleaner interface. For instance, the tabs will be no across the top of the screen for easy filtering. Users can change the view to albums, favourites, shared albums with just one tap. The layout will look better as well as give users the sorting options.
Further, the Sharing tab is also getting a few upgrades. Currently, the Sharing tab shows a single list which has all the shared albums, links and conversations. With the new update, the sections will get their own distinct groups which will make it easier to add to them or even browse through them.
In addition to this, the Library tab will get a new button dedicated to importing physical and digital images and videos. There’s also a new page which will help users transfer photos from Facebook, iCloud or digital cameras. Users can add them from local storage or simply scan them from their phones or other external cameras.
A new shortcut will be added to the top of the main photo grid for Screenshots. Also, when a user views a screenshot, they will get the editing suggestions as seen with regular photos. Users can copy text, crop the screen shot or search with Google Lens on the screenshots.
The report says that the Sharing tab feature is expected to reach Android users later this week and iPhone users will get it soon after that. Other features are also expected to reach users in the coming weeks.

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