Five K-pop Idols Who Have Extended Their Influence in Fashion World

The image of a K-pop idol often extends to their unique fashion choices and how they like to make certain styles their own. Often spotted leading fashion shows or sitting at the front row of global fashion brands, K-pop idols like BLACKPINK’s Jennie, BTS’ Kim Taehyung aka V have emerged as notable fashion icons. Let us take a look at some of the South Korean artists who are also known for their fashion choices.


The singer and rapper of K-pop band Shinee is one of the idols who has made his name in the fashion space as well. The singer believes in genderless fashion, and even wore a bright skirt-esque attire for the music video of Don’t Call Me. Besides donning gender fluid clothes, Key also extends his fashion into his creative projects. The 30-year-old rapper recently came out with his mini-album Bad Love that saw him playing with cosmic space suits and 80s inspired disco vibes.


Blackpink’s Jennie often attends fashion shows. Most recently, the 26-year was seen at Chanel’s show for the Paris Fashion Week. The K-pop idol was spotted in the front row in a gamine look from Virginie Viard’s pre-fall runway. The brand ambassador of Chanel since 2017, Jennie wore the all-black look by the French fashion house.

Jennie was also spotted at the exclusive Jacquemus fashion show at Hawaii. The singer wore an all pink attire by the French fashion designer who showcased his tropical-inspired Le Splash collection.

Kim Taehyung

Besides being part of the biggest musical group in the world V aka Taehyung is also a fashion enthusiast. The 26-year-old along with fellow BTS members, showcased Virgil Abloh’s fall/winter 2021 menswear last year. Jin, Suga, j-Hope, RM, Jimin, Jungkook, and V each donned the exquisite pieces designed by Abloh as the K-pop members navigated an industrial space filled with Vuitton-clad models.

Before being the Louis Vuitton brand ambassador, V was often spotted in Gucci creations.


K-pop group EXO’s singer Kai has also made his name in the world of fashion. Besides his fluid dance movements and smooth singing skills, Kai can also pass as a model on a fashion runway. The global brand ambassador of Gucci has modeled the Italian fashion house’s clothes in his creative manner.


Lee Chae-rin aka CL became the first K-pop star along with Rose from Blackpink to grace the red carpet of one of the biggest fashion events of the year Met Gala 2021. The 31-year-old former rapper in girl group 2NE1 wore a blue denim coat over white briefs, designed by Alexander Wang.

Which of the K-pop idols is your favourite fashion icon?

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