Must Try These 3 Ways To Maintain Healthy Nails

Undoubtedly, the most roughly treated part of our body are our nails. We often find skincare and haircare trends making the rounds of the internet, but we rarely listen to any influencer speaking about ways to take care of nails. Just like the rest of our body, it is extremely crucial to be aware of the requirements of our nails and to frequently groom and clean them. This is because, directly or indirectly, nails are linked to hand hygiene and stomach hygiene too, as we often eat food with our hands.

Wondering what can be done? While many rely on manicure sessions at least once a month, there are people who might find it a bit burdening on their pockets. But to be honest, once in a while manicure sessions are also not enough for maintaining the overall health and hygiene of your nails. It might be interesting to know that your nails require regular indulgence of care at home. Take a closer look at your nails. Do they look strong to you? Or you can see ridges, dents, or areas of unusual color or shape? If later is the reality then follow these below mentioned ways to overcome it all:

  • Moisturise the nail folds

Well, this tip shouldn’t need any introduction, as it is a jack of all trades. To maintain its health, it is extremely crucial to keep your nails moisturised. If you struggle with dull nails that lack lustre then applying oil on a regular basis will help you overcome that problem.

While taking care of your nails, you shouldn’t ignore the cuticles, as they seal and protect the root of the nails from water and other irritants. Cuticles require your attention as if they are damaged then water can seep into the nail folds and can cause changes to the plates.

  • Supplements of brittle nails

Several health experts claim that brittle nails or damaged nails can occur due to certain lifestyle diseases like thyroid disorder, and therefore supplements that carry iron, zinc, and biotin will be extremely helpful in reducing the brittleness.

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