Shab-E-Barat 2022: History, Wishes, Images, Quotes, Messages and Celebrations of Laylat al-Baraat in India

SHAB E BARAT 2022 INDIA: Shab e-Barat is an Islamic festival that is celebrated all around the globe. The translation of Shab e-Barat is ‘The Night of Fortune and Forgiveness’ and it is observed on the 14th and 15th night of the month of Sha Aban, which is the eighth month of the Islamic Calendar. This year, Mid-Sha’ban began on the evening of Friday, March 18, and will end on the evening of Saturday, March 19. The festival is considered to be the holiest night in the Islamic calendar.

Shab e-Barat comes from the Persian language – Shab means ‘night’, and ‘Barat’ stands for salvation and forgiveness. The festival is believed to be the night when Allah decides the fate of his followers for the year to come on the basis of their past actions. This is why the night is devoted to asking God’s mercy and forgiveness. The festival is also known as Laylat-ul-Barat or Laylat-ul-Baraa or Mid Shabaan. In the Arab world, it is also known as Laylat al-Bara’at.

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Shab e Barat 2022 Urdu date

This year the festival is observed on the evening of Friday, March 18, and ends on the evening of Saturday, March 19.

Shab e-Barat: History

The night of Shab e-Barat is celebrated as the birthday of the twelfth Imam of the Shia Muslims named Muhammad al-Mahdi. Meanwhile, the Sunni Muslims believe, on this day Allah saved the Ark of Noah from the flood.

Shab e barat 2022 images: Wishes, and Celebration

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1. May Allah forgive our sins and provide us with his blessings. Shab-e-Barat Mubakar to everyone.

2. May the night burn all the negativity and bless us with happiness and success. Shab-e-Barat Mubakar to all.

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3. On this great night, make a great start. Shab-e-Barat Mubakar to all your family and friends!

4. Have a blessed night and an amazing year ahead, May Allah bless everyone with love.

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