Various Forms Of Holi Celebrated Across India

India is currently donning itself in VIBGYOR as the festival of Holi has finally knocked at the doors. Tied with a plethora of fables, Holi is celebrated across the country with extreme enthusiasm. Despite the colourful chaos that the country witnesses on the day of Holi, the people of the country do not miss a chance to get smeared in various colours.

In a country as vivid as India, Holi, just like the colours involved, offers multiple varieties of itself depending on the region. Here we have curated a list of various forms of Holi that are celebrated across India.


One of the most popular forms of Holi in India is the one where men are seen covering their heads from the repetitive hits of sticks (Lathis) by the women. The tradition is prevalent in areas like Vrindavan, Mathura, Barsana, and Nandgaon.


Celebrated for six days in Manipur, Yoasang, involves making bamboo huts and processions revolving around deities and devotees. The air is filled with chants and bhajans during the initial days and finally, on the last day, the bamboo huts housing the idols are burnt. Following this, the people play with colours and dance singing praises of Lord Krishna.


Like Yoasang, this festival, too, lasts for five-seven days and is played in parts of Odisha. A yatra by people carrying their deities is carried out. After the yatra that goes on for four days, the people celebrate the completion by applying colours to each other.


Celebrated with vigour every year on the coasts of Goa, Shigmo is a 14-day traditional festival that marks the advent of the spring season. Farmers welcome the season delightfully and play with colours amid music and cheer.


This is the most common and prevalent form of Holi and is widely celebrated across various states of India. However, it is primarily celebrated in North India. This collection of colours, Thandai, Gujiyas, and of course, friends and family, guarantees an energetic experience.

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