Summers Are Here: Industrial Ice Cream or Artisanal Ice Cream, Which Is Healthier

The big ice cream brands which are easily available at your nearby stores

We get into the Industrial Ice Cream or Artisanal Ice Cream debate!

Industrial Ice Cream

The big ice cream brands which are easily available at your nearby stores or kiosk often sell ice creams that are made artificially. To enhance the flavour and give it a longer shelf-life, the ice cream brands use preservations and artificial flavours. According to a study published in the International Journal of Food and Nutritional Science, commercial ice creams usually contain 7-15 percent of fat content in them. Not just this, they also have stabilizers and emulsifiers in them. To give ice creams a beautiful look, added food colours are used. Many commercial ice creams also use bits of fruits and jellies to enhance the taste and flavour of it. Apart from this, industrial ice cream does have real milk, instead, they are made using milk solids or milk powder to prevent the ice cream from staling easily.

Artisanal Ice Cream

Commonly called natural ice cream, Artisanal ice cream are made without the use of any artificial colours, preservatives and industrial treatment. These ice creams are completely natural. Artisan ice cream uses real fruits and cocoa, making it a nutritional snack or dessert option. Several studies state that artisanal ice creams use less air in the ice creams compared to commercially made ice creams. The brand claims that natural ice creams have around 15 percent air in them whereas commercial ones use more than 50 percent of the air. An artisanal ice cream vendor, Freezy Street also reveals that the artisanal ice creams are softer than the artificial ones and melt at a faster speed.

Which one is better?

In the last few years, natural ice creams are gaining a lot of popularity among people. However, as they are made with natural ingredients, they are a little costlier than commercial ice creams. For example, artisanal ice cream brand Naturals sell their Vanilla flavour for Rs. 70 for a small cup and at the same time, an industrial vanilla flavoured ice cream is available at a price as low as Rs. 15. As per a leading media report, the shelf life of Artisanal ice creams is generally five to seven weeks whereas commercial ice creams can be stored for more than six months. Artisanal ice creams have low fat and also have non-dairy options which makes them a good choice for vegans. If someone is looking for a healthy indulgence, then they can enjoy artisanal ice cream without feeling guilty about gaining weight.

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