Importance Of Breakfast And Dinner Timings In Losing Weight

Are you wondering how to make the right diet choice to lose weight? Then, you’re not alone. However, in a country like India, this feels like an invincible challenge due to our food culture and diet pattern. Believe it or not, weight loss and gain revolve around calorie consumption. Similarly, eating fad diets in the name of losing weight results in increased cravings and unmanageable binge eating.

To shed those extra kilos, the timing of your meals influences your weight loss plan. According to a study by the University of Murcia, eating your breakfast, lunch and dinner at the right time creates an impact on our body and also helps us manage the metabolism process, body weight, and obesity-related diseases.

A balance between Breakfast and Dinner

While focusing on what we should eat for weight loss, many of us forget to focus on the major factors like the timing of eating meals whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. But these meals spread out in the body to maintain energy throughout the day plays a major role. Ultimately, the timings of our breakfast and dinner create an equilibrium. In effect, following a schedule for meals every day will make our body respond well to that routine.

So, the major question is when should you have your meal to manage the pace? Here, are some effective and useful tips for you:

Healthy Breakfast: Experts advise it is important to have a power pack breakfast by 7 am. It helps to reduce the risk of fat accumulation and make you feel less hungry.

Breakfast options: Start the day with-

● Bread with eggs

● Yoghurt or peanut butter on whole-grain toast,

● Vegetable poha or dosa with sambar and coconut chutney

Light Dinner: Since metabolism slows down during the night there is a chance of late dinner causing weight gain. So, experts recommend eating dinner early by 8 pm.

Dinner options: Dinner choices can include-

● Soup, grilled chicken or fish

● A bowl full of salad

● Multigrain roti with palak paneer or boiled chana masala

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