Holi 2022: Why is Holi Called the Festival of Colours and What do Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue and Purple Symbolise

HOLI 2022: One of the largest celebrations of India, Holi is a joyful festival representing the liveliness of spring with colours, madness and many more. Every year we celebrate this day to honour the victory of good over evil, which falls on the month of Phalguna which is early March. Though Holi is an ancient Hindu festival, it is celebrated almost all over the world. Usually, we enjoy this incredible day by saying goodbye to winter and welcoming spring.

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Just like any other festival, it also has a rich historical background and cultural significance in Hindu culture. On the first day of Holi people gather in a place, opening with a new beginning, and perform the ritual called Holika Dahan. According to the legend, some believe this tradition centres around Holika and Hiranyakashipu. But, there’s another mythical explanation that is believed to contribute to the meaning of the festival.

Why is Holi called the Festival of Colours?

This religious festival is based on the legend of Lord Sri Krishna, who was self-conscious about the blue colour of his face due to being poisoned by breast milk in his childhood. He was in despair by believing that Radha and other girls wouldn’t like him. So, after seeing the pain of his beloved son, mother Yashoda suggested he smear Radha’s face with colour to make himself feel better. Some people believe this is the reason why everyone around the world smears colours on each other and get themselves covered in different colours of Holi.

Here’s the list of some colours that are thought to symbolize specific things:

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Red- The colour of love, passion and fertility.

Orange- The colour of a new beginning and forgiveness

Yellow- Represents happiness, peace, joy, meditation, knowledge and learning.

Pink- Signifies kindness and compassion and positivity.

Green- Represents nature, life and harvest.

Blue- The colour of Lord Krishna’s complexion symbolises strength and spiritual growth.

Purple- Symbolises magic and mystery.

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