This is Why Parents Should Not Put Pressure on Their Kids for Good Grades

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, this inspiring quote by Nelson Mandela enlightens us about how education is vital in a person’s life. In today’s competitive world, societies have been considering academic excellence as the top priority. Since our educational institutions are looking for the brightest students, undoubtedly, every parent hopes to see their children attaining success that matches the standards.

As a result, kids are constantly being pushed by their parents for good academic results, which leads to stress, anxiety, lower self-esteem, behavioural problems, and even suicidal thoughts among children and teens that discourage their growth and learning.

Especially during exam time, the stress levels of youngsters seem to be higher than usual. From school to high school, they have tough competition against peers, which acts like an extra worry for them. Needless to say, children are already having academic stress plus too much pressure from their parents for good grades creates an impact on their mental and physical health.

A study conducted on 190 students from grade 11 to 12 from 3 private schools in Kolkata and 3 government-aided schools reveals almost two-thirds of the students experienced pressure from their parents to perform better academically.

For example, the CBSE (The Central Board of Secondary Education) will soon announce the result of class 12 (Term- 1), 2022 by this week. The tension has already started not only among the examinees but also their parents. But they should avoid putting unnecessary pressure on kids for good marks in exams.

Here are some useful tips that parents should follow to support their children:

  • Parents should always be kind, concerned, sympathetic and available to their children during the time of results.
  • They should motivate the child to decide on a suitable plan of action to distress.
  • Rather than criticising the result, they should guide them to do better.
  • Lastly, parents should also encourage the child and let them decide on their own.

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