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The iPhone is known to have a versatile and rather easy-to-use camera. Apple uses computational photography extremely well to give iPhone users a host of features. Since Holi is just around the corner, here are some features of the iPhone that you can use to click good photos:
Cinematic mode in iPhone 13 series
If you have an iPhone 13, then the Cinematic mode is an excellent feature to shoot videos. With Cinematic mode, you have the option to change focus or adjust the level of bokeh even after capture. You can shoot with the Wide, Telephoto or TrueDepth camera in Cinematic mode.
Use the macro mode to get real close shots of colours
The macro lens on the ultra-wide camera on iPhone 13 can focus at just 2 centimetres. The details are captured wonderfully and you can give it a shot if you want to capture gulaal or any other colour closely. Apple does give you the option to shoot macro videos — including slow motion and time-lapse.
Deep fusion to get the ‘best’ image
If you are shooting in not so great light, Apple’s Deep Fusion tech comes in really handy. It uses the Neural Engine to perform a pixel-by-pixel analysis of various exposures and fuses the best parts into your final image. It’s a feature that kicks in automatically and you can’t really turn it on as such.
Smart HDR: Ideal for shooting a group of people
On Holi, you might want to click a photo of a group and here’s where Smart HDR kicks in. It can make adjustments for multiple people in a scene. All this is done behind the scenes automatically and can refine contrast, lighting and skin tones for each person.

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