6 Easy Ways to Help Your Toddler Learn to Walk Faster

There is no greater happiness for parents than to see their kids walk for the first time. Toddlers learning to walk within the stipulated time also is an indicator of the proper mental and physical development of a child. However, it’s the responsibility of parents to ensure that there is no hindrance to this developmental progress.

Many parents do not allow their children to walk on the ground due to fear of falling, while there are some others who prefer to support their toddlers when they attempt to walk. While it is true that children who have not yet stabilised their movement can fall and injure themselves, it is important to help them in their endeavour if your child is attempting to stand on his or her feet and attempting to walk. Here is a guide to how you can do so.

Do not use a walker

Walkers can lead to accidents and apart from that, if a child gets too used to a walker, he or she will never learn to walk without it. It would be better if you encouraged your kids to walk on their own. By doing this they will learn to walk faster.

Use a carpet that is not slippery

If the child is trying to walk, you should lay a carpet on the ground. That way, the child will remain more protected from the injury should they fall. But keep in mind that the carpet should be non-slippery.

Help your baby walk

If your child is trying to walk on his own, do not hold them for support but instead just offer your finger as support and help them move forward. By doing this your child will not only be motivated to walk but will also try to walk on their own.

Oil massage is essential

When the child tries to walk on their own, initially they put all the weight of the body on the feet and thus their muscles have to be strong. To strengthen the muscles, apply oil and massage twice a day.

It is essential to sometimes let them just walk on their own

If the child is trying to walk on their own, do not help all the time. Sometimes let them do all the walking and standing by themselves.

Motivate your child

You can motivate your child to walk by keeping a toy that they love in a corner of the room and letting them go fetch it on their own. Buy toys like cars with batteries and those that move so that your child can go after them to pick them up.

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