WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall Death: Does Hip Replacement Surgery Result in Cardiac Arrest?

WWE star Scott Hall, 63, breathed his last recently. Hall, who was popularly known as Razor Ramon, was put on life support after he suffered multiple heart attacks. The WWE Hall of Famer had developed a blood clot as a result of complications from his hip replacement surgery, earlier this month. On Monday, March 14, Hall had 3 heart attacks and he succumbed to it a day later.

Extending condolences to Hall’s family, friends, and fans, WWE tweeted, “WWE is saddened to learn that two-time WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall has passed away.”

According to the New York Post, Hall underwent hip replacement surgery last week. During the procedure, a loose blood clot led to serious complications. He was admitted to Wellstar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia.

Experts have stated that the risk of heart attack might increase in people undergoing any major surgical procedure, especially those who have pre-existing heart disease. A bunch of studies has claimed that hip replacement surgeries have led to heart attacks in patients.

Executive Director – Interventional Cardiology and Chief of Cath Lab, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute told Hindustan Times that any major surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia triggers the adrenergic system, putting stress on the cardiovascular system. He mentioned that people with pre-existing heart disease may, at times, not be able to withstand this hence, they end up developing a heart attack during or soon after the surgery. The expert stated that the risk is further aggravated by stopping the blood-thinning medication to reduce the bleeding from the wound.

Mathur said that this is why all patients, above 40-years of age, undergoing major surgeries are screened for their body’s ability to withstand the surgical stress with the cardiac stress tests. For people who are below 40, a simple echocardiogram works. The expert added that based on the results, doctors can be stratified for the risk of heart attacks related to the surgery, hence they can also take necessary precautions.

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