Why You Need To Choose The Right Footwear For Walking, Jogging

We often come across people in parks or streets who walk in slippers instead of shoes. Although it initially feels comfortable to ditch shoes and walk in slippers. This habit, though, may lead to complaints of pain in their feet and knees. According to CNA, if you walk in slippers or wrong footwear instead of shoes, it can cause multiple detrimental effects on the body.

According to a report published in Dainik Bhaskar, just as it is necessary to follow a diet and routine for fitness, it is equally important to give attention to footwear too. If you walk or jog wearing slippers, you won’t get the results that you expect. Even after months of dedicated brisk walks and jogs, you will not get the results in the form of weight loss or better fitness.

Why is it important to choose the right footwear for walking?

When you walk wearing walking shoes, you do not feel tired for a long time.

If you walk in slippers, it changes the way you walk, and it hurts the bones.

If you walk wearing any wrong footwear, the skin of the feet will not be able to receive oxygen as it should. And this may result in medical issues related to feet.

When walking wearing ordinary slippers, the arch of the foot does not get much support, which can later lead to pain.

If you walk wearing slippers for a long time, there is a chance of developing problems related to the knees and ankles.

When you walk wearing slippers, it makes the feet work harder to get a proper grip, whereas this is not the case with shoes.

Wearing comfortable footwear of the right size will not only keep your body in balance but also not feel tired. Those with bigger foot sizes should not go for tight shoes as this can lead to hammertoe, which is an abnormal bend in the middle joint of a toe.

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