Holi 2022 India: Take Care Of Children On Holi — Do These Things Before Sending Them Out

New Delhi: Holi is a festival played by everyone together. Children often play Holi without taking care of themselves and should be looked after. On a festival like Holi, children do tend to enjoy themselves and not follow instructions. But as soon as Holi is over, they may suffer from skin irritability, cold, colour stains, headaches, etc. To avoid this, make them aware of ways of playing safely with colours. 

1- Apply oil to the whole body – As you may know, applying mustard oil or coconut oil is beneficial for children. So children can play Holi after applying oil. Before sending the child to play Holi, apply mustard or coconut oil on the child’s body and this will help prevent skin allergies or skin damage. 

2- Tie the hair well- Most of the children start having a headache after playing Holi, the biggest reason for which is the synthetic colour. When children play Holi, they often keep their hair open. Due to this, the chemicals from the colour gets deposited on the hair roots, which does not come out easily causing headaches. So this Holi, remember to tie your child’s hair.

3- Use organic colours- Most of the synthetic colours found in the market contain chemicals that are harmful to children’s health. Therefore one should use organic colours for children. These colours have fewer chemicals.  Therefore, advise the children to play Holi with organic colours only.

4- Feed children throughout the day- During Holi, children often forget to eat food and drink properly. Weather temperature also increases during Holi so one should drink water to keep the body hydrated. Remember that children should be fed and given water at regular intervals.

5- Do not wear wet clothes for too long- While playing with colours and water, the children’s clothes are soaked wet, which they wear throughout the day. Children often play Holi till evening and wear the same wet clothes throughout the day. In such a situation, wearing such clothing can also cause fever, cold, cough, etc. So make children change wet clothes and wear dry clothes. 

6- Tell them to play in open and safe places- On the day of Holi, advise the children to play in such a place where you can check on them and they can enjoy playing Holi too.

7- Tell children to be careful- Children often run fast on the floor, play with eggs, make balloons and throw them on each other’s heads, but playing Holi in this way can cause trouble. You may instruct the children to play Holi safely and avoid antics that may harm others. 

8- Cover the hands and feet well- On Holi, the skin may be exposed to chemicals in colours that may spread all over the body and cause skin problems. Therefore make your children wear full clothes so that their skin is not exposed to chemicals.

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