Board exams: Tips For Parents To Keep Their Children Stress-Free

Not just for students, but also for their parents and guardians, board examinations are a stressful period. Parents are frequently at a loss about how to assist their children to prepare for exams, particularly when it comes to stress and anxiety management.

Stress before and during examinations has a negative impact on a student’s productivity and performance, so here are some strategies that parents may use to keep their children stress-free.

1. Be calm around your children

Even if the parent is more nervous than the child when examinations are approaching, one should focus on being calm rather than expressing their anxiety in front of their children.

2. Make a study plan.

Sitting with your child and assisting them prepare their exam schedule is helpful. Once a week, parents should review the plan and make minor tweaks and adjustments as needed. This will assist children in dividing their time between studying and relaxing. More time should be spent on subjects that the student may find difficult.

3. Avoid using social media

When engaged for an extended amount of time, social media platforms and digital gadgets, which are frequently used to stay up to date, can cause distraction. On gadgets, parental controls are available, and they should be used.

4. Create a conducive learning environment

Parents should make sure that their child’s study area is well-ventilated and well-lit, as well as stocked with necessary stationery such as pencils, erasers, rulers, and books. The study table and chair should be set up ergonomically so that the children may sit comfortably.

5. Assist them whenever possible

Your life does not have to be put on hold because your child is studying for board exams. Parents should, however, ensure that they are there while their children are working on important papers. The most important thing is to be positive around them so that they absorb the optimism. Parents should be attentive of their children’s needs and be accessible to answer any issues they may have at all times.

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