World Consumer Rights Day 2022: Theme, History and Significance

WORLD CONSUMER RIGHTS DAY 2022: Every consumer needs to realise their rights and needs in order to know when they are getting cheated or fooled and more importantly, when they can raise objections against any purchase of a product or service. As a part of the consumer movement, World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated every year to spread awareness about the common concerns of consumers.

World Consumer Rights Day: Date

The World Consumer Rights Day is observed annually on 15 March. On this day, advocates raise their voices to demand that the rights of all consumers are respected and protected, no matter the product or service in question or the social strata where the consumers belong. All the consumers also must have the power and knowledge to protest against market abuses and social injustices that try to undermine those rights in any way.

World Consumer Rights Day 2022: Theme

Every year, there is a particular theme that is followed while celebrating World Consumer Rights Day. According to the Consumers International Organisation, the theme for World Consumer Rights Day 2021 is Fair Digital Finance. According to Consumers International, to address the most pressing issues faced by consumers in digital finance, they along with their global Membership developed a Consumer Vision for Fair Digital Finance.

“The Vision sets out questions for decision makers from a consumer rights perspective to build a digital financial marketplace that is inclusive, safe, data protected and private, and sustainable for everyone.,” it said.

World Consumer Rights Day: History

The World Consumer Rights Day was inspired by former US president John F Kennedy when he gave a message about consumer rights while speaking at the US Congress on 15 March, 1962.

World Consumer Rights Day: Significance

Ever since its inception, World Consumer Rights Day has been about the recognition of rights of the consumers and acting upon it. As consumers, we all must consciously take steps that affect us in a positive light.

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