Raisin and Jaggery Water: Get Rid of Those Extra Kilos With This Magical Potion

“You are what you eat,” as the saying goes. Consuming nutritious meals keeps you healthy and fit. When it comes to nutritious foods for weight reduction, it is safe to say that the list is fairly vast. We frequently hear about dietary combinations that are said to be beneficial for losing weight. The list goes on and on, from smoothies to protein drinks.

Here’s another intriguing concoction you can simply prepare at home. The best part about this combo is that it is both nutritious and tasty.

The main components in the combination are jaggery and raisins. Both are mainstays in practically every Indian kitchen. They each have their own set of health advantages, and when combined, they create an excellent combination.

Raisins might help you satisfy your sweet need without raising your calorie intake. They do not raise your blood sugar levels and, as a result, assist you in losing those additional kilos.

Raisins, which are high in vitamin B, vitamin C, and iron, boost immunity and prevent anaemia. This dry fruit is also high in fibre and can aid in constipation prevention.

On the other hand, adding jaggery to the diet increases the body’s metabolism, which assists you to burn fat around the abdomen area faster. Jaggery, a healthy sugar substitute, is low in calories but high in immunity-boosting compounds.

When combined, these can serve to speed the weight reduction process and help you reach your weight-loss objectives faster. The sweetness of raisin and jaggery together can also maintain your digestion and keep your respiratory system clean.

Here’s how to consume

Soak 4-5 raisins overnight in a dish filled with warm water. In the morning, add 5 grams of jaggery to a glass of water and mix until jaggery dissolves. When finished, the drink will be ready to consume. First, consume the soaked raisins on an empty stomach, followed by the jaggery water. Consume this weight reduction mix daily, especially first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

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