Holi 2022: How to Make Natural Holi Colours at Home

The Hindu festival Holi is a celebration of love, harmony and vibrant colours. We all celebrate this day fully by splashing each other with watercolours and varieties of gulaal. This gulaal is originally made from organic materials. In springtime, a wide range of bright flower blossoms and these are used as ingredients to make Holi colours. Earlier we used this natural process to make Holi colours.

But now, due to the mass popularity and increasing industrialisation, these natural colours are now replaced by some chemically synthetic processed colours. These are generally inexpensive compared to natural colours. Therefore, by choosing artificial colours, we undermine our health suffer issues like skin allergies, temporary blindness, and even skin cancer.

So, this Holi season, it is necessary for you to safeguard yourself and your loved ones by avoiding those toxic colours available in the market. In other words, play a safe Holi by making natural homemade colours.

Making Holi colours at home can be a little time-consuming. But don’t worry. Here are some easy and quick tips to prepare natural Holi colours with zero side effects:

Red: To make red colour, choose red hibiscus flowers or china rose flowers. Dry them properly and then grate them into thin powder. To increase the volume of powder you can add an equal amount of rice flour. Likewise, boil peels of pomegranate in water for wet colours.

Yellow: Similarly, to make gulaal of yellow colour, use turmeric which is easily available in the kitchen. To make a fine powder blend the turmeric with gram flour maintaining a 1: 2 ratio. Otherwise, you can crush any yellow-coloured flowers like marigolds or Chrysanthemums. If you want wet colours then combine them with water.

Green: To obtain a green gulaal, you can choose some mehendi powder. For wet colours use any green leafy vegetables and dipped them into the water for a few minutes.

Pink: For pink colour, beetroot can be a good source. Firstly, soak the sliced beetroot in water. After that, boil it and leave it overnight.

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